Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How much is my car worth ?

Ive been wondering how much is my car worth and thought I should look online, I come across some websites that could give me a value for a small fee. Now the value isnt going to guarantee the price you will get for it but it will be a guide on what I can aim to get.

So I had another search around online and found some other sites that will value your car for free. Not sure what they gain from it but I got the valuation and was quite suprised at how much my car is worth. I actually thought it would be worth more than what it was valued at. I was hoping to get a good price from selling my old car to go towards my new car.

Still wondering how much is my car worth and definately thought it was worth more, I had another quick look online and found a website that valued my car and gave me very good offers for what I thought was the price it was worth.